Margaret McMillan

Standard Name: McMillan, Margaret


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Friends, Associates Isabella Ormston Ford
The sisters were friends of a large group of local female socialists who all campaigned for sex equality, many of whom were influenced by Carpenter. These included Katharine Bruce Glasier , Edith Priestman , Julia Varley
Occupation Dora Russell
The Russells based their programme on emerging theories of child education and development. They were partly influenced by recent psychologists (including Freud and Piaget ), and by such educationalists as Margaret McMillan and A. S. Neill
politics Katharine Bruce Glasier
Meanwhile, KBG returned to her socialist activism in 1924 after she had recovered from her breakdown. She began a lecture tour on 4 June that year, addressing socialist gatherings, and worked at selling her husband's...
Textual Production Katharine Bruce Glasier
KBG 's other known pamphlets include: Baths at the Pithead and the Works (1912, the third edition of something at first issued as Miners' Baths), National Old-Age Homes (1914), The Price of War (1916),...
Textual Production Emmeline Pankhurst
The other contributors to this important collection were Shaw himself (again pseudonymous) and Mabel Atkinson , Florence Balgarnie , Eva Gore-Booth , Robert F. Cholmeley , Charlotte Despard , Millicent Garrett Fawcett , Keir Hardie


October 1891: The Labour Church, an organization professing...

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October 1891

The Labour Church , an organization professing Christian Socialism, held its first service, in Manchester. Its founder, John Trevor , had been a Unitarian minister.

By mid-June 1907: Margaret McMillan, socialist, educationist,...

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By mid-June 1907

Margaret McMillan , socialist, educationist, and sister and biographer of Rachel McMillan , published an important work in social studies entitled Labour and Childhood.
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