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Cultural formation Mary Gawthorpe
MG begins her autobiography with her local identity: I was Yorkshire born. My forebears, grandparents maternal and paternal, were all born in Yorkshire, in Leeds so far as I know.
Gawthorpe, Mary. Up Hill to Holloway. Traversity Press.
Born English therefore, she...
politics Katharine Bruce Glasier
Her opportunities for public speaking soon exploded. She was a Bristol delegate to the first annual conference of the Fabian Society in February this year; in June she was electioneering on behalf of Ben Tillett
Publishing Mary Gawthorpe
MG 's earliest adult writing was bound up with her political activities. She began with editing a woman's page in Labour News, our local baby weekly put out by the LeedsLabour Church ...


October 1891: The Labour Church, an organization professing...

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October 1891

The Labour Church , an organization professing Christian Socialism, held its first service, in Manchester. Its founder, John Trevor , had been a Unitarian minister.


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