Susan Gubar

Standard Name: Gubar, Susan


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Anthologization Julia Kristeva
First translated into English in Signs in autumn 1981, it was assigned to the final position (in Alice Jardine 's and Harry Blake 's version) in The Feminist Reader: Essays in Gender and the Politics...
Literary responses Charlotte Brontë
Most major shifts in second-wave feminist literary criticism have been marked by influential rereadings of Jane Eyre: Ellen Moers (1976) and Elaine Showalter (1977) in the assertion of a female literary tradition; the Marxist-Feminist Literature Collective
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
The poem is extensively discussed by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar in The Madwoman in the Attic (1979) as a study in self-alienation. They argue that although the speaker remains a voiceless prisoner of...
Literary responses George Eliot
As one of the few canonized women writers of the nineteenth century, she has been of great interest to feminist critics, in part because in the words of Elizabeth Langland , they became cathected to...
Literary responses Sarah Stickney Ellis
SSE was viewed with ambivalence by a later generation of critics who sought to reclaim women's literature. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar , for example, read Ellis as a willing captive in a separate sphere...
Literary responses Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Canonization of The Yellow Wall-Paper began in the early 1970s, within the context of second-wave feminism, and the edition issued by the Feminist Press in 1973. Feminist readings became the first to make the connection...
Publishing Fleur Adcock
She appeared with six other poets in Portfolio no. 3 from London's Steam Press in 1979 (an actual portfolio of separate leaves, published in fifty signed and numbered copies, in a black cover with illustrations...
Reception Ruth Pitter
During her lifetime RP was deeply appreciated by some readers. C. S. Lewis scatters through his letters such remarks as Whenever I re-read your poems, I blame myself for not re-reading them oftener.
King, Don W. “The Anatomy of a Friendship: the correspondence of Ruth Pitter and C. S. Lewis, 1946-1962: Mythlore, Summer 2003”. Findarticles.
Arthur Russell


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