Elizabeth Langland

Standard Name: Langland, Elizabeth


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Literary responses Dinah Mulock Craik
Elaine Showalter initiated feminist interest in DMC , first with a substantial article and then with treatment of her as a paradigmatic feminine novelist who promoted domesticity as a defensive strategy.
Showalter, Elaine. “Dinah Mulock Craik and the Tactics of Sentiment: A Case Study in Victorian Female Authorship”. Feminist Studies, Vol.
, pp. 5-23.
Showalter, Elaine. A Literature of Their Own. Princeton University Press.
Cora Kaplan ...
Literary responses George Eliot
As one of the few canonized women writers of the nineteenth century, she has been of great interest to feminist critics, in part because in the words of Elizabeth Langland , they became cathected to...
Publishing Margaret Oliphant
She said she wrote it partly to amuse myself, and on a sudden impulse.
Jay, Elisabeth. Mrs Oliphant: "A Fiction to Herself": A Literary Life. Clarendon Press.
It has been edited for Broadview Press by Elizabeth Langland , 2002.
Reception Anne Brontë
AB 's work has from the outset been overshadowed by that of Emily and Charlotte. George Moore called her a literary Cinderella,
Langland, Elizabeth. Anne Brontë: The Other One. Barnes and Noble.
sacrificed because no one would believe that three literary geniuses could...
Textual Features Elizabeth Gaskell
Its progress was in large part that of the narrator, from a nameless female voice to the well developed figure of Mary Smith, a younger woman who, though distanced from the older women of the...


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Langland, Elizabeth. Anne Brontë: The Other One. Barnes and Noble, 1989.
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