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Family and Intimate relationships Kamila Shamsie
As a result of her work as a reviewer, Muneeza was approached by Oxford University Press to put together A Dragonfly in the Sun, an anthology of Pakistani literature written in English, commissioned for...
Literary responses Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Canonization of The Yellow Wall-Paper began in the early 1970s, within the context of second-wave feminism, and the edition issued by the Feminist Press in 1973. Feminist readings became the first to make the connection...
Publishing Mona Caird
One of MC 's best-known novels appeared: The Daughters of Danaus (the first novel among the selection mentioned in the Times after her death, and reprinted by the Feminist Press in 1989).
In Greek mythology...
Publishing Charlotte Perkins Gilman
CPG 's short story The Yellow Wall-Paper was re-issued by The Feminist Press . It has ever since been a popular text for courses and anthologies in both American literature and women's studies.
Scharnhorst, Gary. Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Bibliography. The Scarecrow Press.
Publishing Florence Nightingale
She revised Cassandra many times, most extensively after her return from the Crimea. Its printing in 1860 was private, and it did not appear for public consumption until 1928, when Ray Strachey included part...
Publishing Tillie Olsen
Yonnondio began its resurrection when Jack Olsen found the supposedly lost manuscript of the novel about the Holbrook family in the form it had reached in the 1930s: two large envelopes containing eight disordered but...
Textual Features Anita Desai
Books she has reviewed include Eva Hoffman 's The Secret and Graham Swift 's The Light of Day. In her review of Women Writing in India Vol. I and Women Writing in India Vol...
Textual Features Tillie Olsen
Olsen gave this book a double dedication. The first read: For our silenced people, century after century their beings consumed in the hard, everyday essential work of maintaining human life. Their art, which still they...
Textual Production Tillie Olsen
The four successive Tillie Olsen's Reading Lists of then almost unknown women writers, published by the Feminist Press in their Spectrum: Women's Studies Newsletter in 1972-3, were, according to Adrienne Rich , the beginning of...
Textual Production Alice Walker
Two years later she edited for the Feminist Press a collection of Hurston's shorter works (many of them out of print). She entitled the volume (in words borrowed from her author) I Love Myself When...


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