Margaret Morris

Standard Name: Morris, Margaret


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Friends, Associates Constance Smedley
Their London associates included writers and artists like (besides Margaret Morris herself) Vernon Lee , Gladys Henrietta Schütze or Henrietta Leslie (a next-door neighbour in Chelsea, and with her husband one of the only non-theatrical...
Occupation Constance Smedley
Back in London they saw at the Little Theatre run by dancing teacher Margaret Morristhe drama of our dreams: voice and movement and picture accurately synthesized.
Smedley, Constance, and Maxwell Armfield. Crusaders. Chatto & Windus.
They then founded the radical, avant-garde Greenleaf Theatre
Performance of text Vernon Lee
The Ballet of the Nations, a satirico-philosophic burlesque,
Bowe, Nicola Gordon. “Constance and Maxwell Armfield: An American Interlude 1915-1922”. The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, Vol.
, pp. 6-27.
was commissioned after Constance Smedley and Maxwell Armfield invited VL to speak at one of their Chelsea political meetings held to discuss the causes...
Publishing Ethel Smyth
The March of the Women was published in the year of its composition in ES 's little collection Songs of Sunrise, through the Woman's Press , with an illustration by Margaret Morris . Emmeline Pankhurst


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Smyth, Ethel, and Margaret Morris. The March of the Women. Woman’s Press, 1911.