Edward Jerningham

Standard Name: Jerningham, Edward


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Dedications Maria Susanna Cooper
Her name appears on her dedication to the Norfolk poet Edward Jerningham . This time the German translation appeared the same year and the Dublin edition in 1776.
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
1: 237
Education Mary Matilda Betham
More important than his teaching were her own efforts in a congenial atmosphere. The family would read aloud from poems and plays, providing their own appreciation and criticism. In her diary she wrote: In our...
Friends, Associates Mary Matilda Betham
Meanwhile Edward Jerningham , Charlotte's uncle (himself a writer), took an interest in MMB 's development.
Lewis Bettany has no index entry for MMB in his Edward Jerningham and His Friends, 1919: unsurprisingly, since...
Friends, Associates Maria Riddell
She had already by this date, on a visit to London, met Boswell , the biographer, and found him a stranger biped than any she knew.
MacNaughton, Angus. Burns’ Mrs Riddell. A Biography. Volturna Press.
By this time, too, her political contacts included...
Friends, Associates Radagunda Roberts
Though very little is known of RR 's life, she was well acquainted with at least one other woman writer: Frances Brooke (whose son attended St Paul's while Roberts's brother was High Master, and who...
Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
That year HMW was introduced by Dr John Moore to Burns , with whom she then corresponded. She met Samuel Rogers (in November 1787), Hester Lynch Piozzi , and Sir Joshua Reynolds . The year...
Literary responses Mary Matilda Betham
MMB said that this book received flattering praises in reviews.
Betham, Mary Matilda. “Preface”. Crow-Quill Flights.
It also brought compliments of some distinguished persons and two tributary effusions from writers from profession: Mr J. (apparently Edward Jerningham ) and...
Literary responses Anne Damer
AD 's art and her gender made her a kind of tourist attraction. She complained of being teazed and tired to death with the number of persons coming to see her work, and making crass...
Literary responses Helen Maria Williams
The book had a good review, perhaps by Mary Wollstonecraft , in the Analytical for December 1790. The interesting, unaffected letters which this pleasing writer has now presented to the public
Wollstonecraft, Mary. The Works of Mary Wollstonecraft. Editors Todd, Janet and Marilyn Butler, Pickering.
7: 322
reminded the...
Textual Production Maria Susanna Cooper
Edward Jerningham advised her to publish this work, which he must have read in manuscript.
Cooper, Bransby Blake. The Life of Sir Astley Cooper, Bart. John W. Parker.
1: 20-1
She dedicated it to Soame Jenyns , who like her previous dedicatees had strong connections with East Anglia...
Textual Production Helen Craik
A manuscript of HC 's collected poems has been mentioned, but has not been traced.
Burns, Robert. The Poetry of Robert Burns. Editors Henley, William Ernest and Thomas F. Henderson, Caxton .
Overall, in fact, little survives, though she included The Maid of Enterkin in her first novel, and George Neilson


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Jerningham, Edward. “Editorial Commentary”. Edward Jerningham and His Friends, edited by Lewis Bettany, Chatto and Windus, 1919, p. Various pages.