John Moore

Standard Name: Moore, John,, 1729 - 1802


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Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
There she began to frequent Elizabeth Montagu 's bluestocking circle. She was introduced in cultural circles by Andrew Kippis , minister of the church her family attended, and soon knew William Hayley , Sarah Siddons
Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
That year HMW was introduced by Dr John Moore to Burns , with whom she then corresponded. She met Samuel Rogers (in November 1787), Hester Lynch Piozzi , and Sir Joshua Reynolds . The year...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Pearson
The family attends the funeral of Mirabeau ;
Pearson, Susanna. The Medallion. G. G. and J. Robinson.
2: 89
they are still in France at the onset of the dreadful events of September 1793: the beginning of the Terror.
Pearson, Susanna. The Medallion. G. G. and J. Robinson.
3: 98
The medallion is...
Textual Features Lady Louisa Stuart
LLS 's letters to Scott show her to have been a trusted and perceptive critic of his novels, which she often read before publication. On The Heart of Mid-Lothian she sent him a major critique...
Textual Features Helen Maria Williams
About the same time, in To Dr. Moore, she went even further in celebrating the Revolution.
Kelly, Gary. Women, Writing, and Revolution 1790-1827. Clarendon.


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