Radagunda Roberts

Standard Name: Roberts, Radagunda
Indexed Name: Rachel Roberts
Indexed Name: Rose Roberts
In the twenty years from 1763, RR published four significant translations from French (all but one of them fiction). She contributed tales in both prose and poetry to The Lady's Magazine, and issued a volume of similar material and a verse tragedy. Her most unusual work was a volume of sermons, titled thus because a male friend had offered to preach what she wrote.


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Literary responses Françoise de Graffigny
The novel's combination of originality and popularity at once provoked debate. Like Samuel Richardson (who began publishing Clarissa in the year of Lettres d'une Péruvienne), FGreceived numerous letters from readers who begged her...
Publishing Françoise de Graffigny
FG minutely revised the novel, adding three additional letters and a historical introduction, in a second edition, 1752. It was translated as Letters Written by a Peruvian Princess, 1748, and in later versions, including...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Scott
MS brings her list up to date with significant women writers who have published since the appearance of The Feminead. Her information is not perfect—she credits Anna Williams with some works actually written by...


By 22 May 1755: George Colman and Bonnell Thornton edited...

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By 22 May 1755

George Colman and Bonnell Thornton edited and published an anthology entitled Poems by Eminent Ladies.

January 1781-December 1782: The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties...

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January 1781-December 1782

The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties of British Poetry appeared, published by James Harrison in four half-yearly numbers; it is arguable whether or not it kept the first number's promise of generous selections of work...


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