Lillian Hellman

Standard Name: Hellman, Lillian


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Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Brett
It was, however, the second son, Maurice , who proved their father's favourite, and his status affected his treatment of his younger sisters. Sylvia writes of him as a plump little boy with rosy cheeks...
Friends, Associates Mary McCarthy
MMC 's long-term friendships included those with Edmund Wilson (even after their divorce) and Hannah Arendt . She attracted notoriety for her falling-out with Lillian Hellman , a leading playwright who began to publish memoirs...
Textual Production Christina Stead
She had been working on this novel, originally titled Mrs Trollope and Madame Blaise, in the early 1950s. Her New York agent, Helen Strauss , was pessimistic from the first about placing it, and...


May 1811: Two teachers in Elgin in Scotland, Miss Woods...

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May 1811

Two teachers in Elgin in Scotland, Miss Woods and Miss Pirie , sued for libel the grandmother of a pupil who had accused them of lesbian behaviour.

1932: US poet Archibald MacLeish won the Pulitzer...

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US poet Archibald MacLeish won the Pulitzer Prize for his epic poemConquistador, which traces the journey taken by Cortez through Mexico.

20 November 1934: Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour, a...

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20 November 1934

Lillian Hellman 's The Children's Hour, a play in which schoolgirls accuse teachers of having a lesbian relationship, opened on Broadway, New York.

15 February 1939: Lillian Hellman's play The Little Foxes opened...

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15 February 1939

Lillian Hellman 's playThe Little Foxes opened on Broadway, in a production that ran for a year and was followed by a film in 1941 with Hellman's screenplay.
Borne Back Daily. .
15 February 2011

1 April 1941: With the Second World War more than eighteen...

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1 April 1941

With the Second World War more than eighteen months old and the USA still neutral, Lillian Hellman 's dramaThe Watch on the Rhine opened on Broadway.

September 1947: The US House Committee for Un-American Activities...

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September 1947

The USHouse Committee for Un-American Activities (HUAC) began issuing subpoenas to leading figures in the entertainment industry, three years before the communist witch-hunting of Senator Joseph McCarthy made him a household name.


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