Anne Killigrew

Standard Name: Killigrew, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Killigrew
AK (also a painter) was a fine Restoration-period poet, who has the misfortune of being better known for Dryden 's praises of her than for her actual work.


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Education Delarivier Manley
DM must have read widely in French fiction, which she disparaged as books of chivalry and romances.
Manley, Delarivier. “Introduction”. New Atalantis, edited by Ros Ballaster, Pickering and Chatto, p. v - xxviii.
Apart from a short stay in the home of a Huguenot minister during which she perfected her...
Family and Intimate relationships W. H. Auden
Nicholas Jenkins of Stanford University formerly maintained on his website at a section called W. H. Auden. Family Ghosts, designed to show how Auden's family, despite his claims to ordinariness, sprang from a...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Thomas
ET was personally acquainted with many cultivated women, for instance Sarah Hoadly (a painter who had trained with Mary Beale ), and her cousin Anne Osborne (the Clemena of her poetry).
Mills, Rebecca. "Thanks for that Elegant Defense": Polemical Prose and Poetry by Women in the Early Eighteenth Century. Oxford University.
She was a...
Intertextuality and Influence Sappho
Sappho 's name was an honorific for women writers for generations. George Puttenham may have been the first to use it to compliment a writing woman: in Parthienades, 1579, he said that Queen Elizabeth
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Singer Rowe
It gathered together published and unpublished work (some written at boarding-school) both religious and secular: hymns, epistles, odes, pastorals (including an imitation of Anne Killigrew and an elegy for Queen Mary ), praise of King William
Literary responses Katherine Philips
Soon after KP 's death Sir William Temple published an elegy on her, made at the Desire of My Lady Temple
Roberts, William. “Sir William Temple on Orinda: Neglected Publications”. Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, Vol.
, pp. 328-36.
—his wife, the former Dorothy Osborne . The progress of her reputation was...
Literary Setting Mary Boyle
MB here recounts the story, set during the final days of James II 's reign, of Mary Savile, a fictional maid of honour toMary of Modena , James's wife (whose actual maids of honour...
Occupation Anne Finch
After nine years of marriage, Mary and James arrived in England in May 1682, since her Roman Catholic faith and his conversion to Catholicism made any earlier appearance in England too risky. AF became Mary's...
Textual Features Clara Reeve
Her Address to the Reader notes the recent increase in the number of women writers commanding critical respect, and observes that every woman publishing with success will inspire a couple of others to try. Most...
Textual Features Elizabeth Teft
She praises Pope , reproves Richardson for his second part of Pamela (Mr B., she says, is no reward for Pamela's virtue), and notes that women's tea-table conversation includes acute comment on authors. She offers...
Textual Features Elizabeth Thomas
This collection contains the harvest of Thomas's poetic career. Her Muse, she says, is unfashionably incapable of dealing with love or obscenity: this shows clearly that her original poetic context was a Restoration one.
Thomas, Elizabeth. Miscellany Poems on Several Subjects. Thomas Combes.
Textual Features Elizabeth Tipper
Her own opening poem, On the Holy Bible, in stately, assured couplets, firmly asserts that her religious theme is higher than earthly glory, hero's deeds or lover's ecstasies, and she therefore begs: Not Mortal...
Textual Features Elizabeth Singer Rowe
The Vision (first of her poems both in the Tonson volume and in the posthumous Miscellaneous Works) and On the Creation both express the resolve to choose religious themes for the future. Two extended...
Textual Production Damaris Masham
Further reference to poetry in her letters appears to be connected with another poem she sent Locke after long preamble. First she told him her fancy was much inclined to poetry, and added you may...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Judith Sargent Murray
She backs this pleasure in modernity with a remarkable grasp of former female history and of the women's literary tradition in English and its contexts. She mentions the Greek foremother Sappho , the patriotic heroism...


1656: Abraham Cowley published Poems; this volume,...

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Abraham Cowley published Poems; this volume, which included his Pindaric Odes and Miscellanies, confirmed his stature as the leading poet of the day.

27 May 1682: Mary of Modena, wife of the future James...

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27 May 1682

Mary of Modena , wife of the future James II , arrived in England.

Christmas 1819: William Wordsworth presented Lady Mary Lowther...

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Christmas 1819

William Wordsworth presented Lady Mary Lowther with a little manuscript volume of poems: those by women were mostly copied from the pages of Poems by Eminent Ladies.


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Killigrew, Anne, and Richard Everett Morton. Poems (1686). Scholars’ Facsimiles and Reprints, 1967.