George Puttenham

Standard Name: Puttenham, George


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Anthologization Queen Elizabeth I
She wrote original poetry all her life, though individual pieces are hard to date. Bradner , editor of her poems, counts them as six certain and ten doubtful, besides six verse translations.
Elizabeth I, Queen. The Poems of Queen Elizabeth I. Editor Bradner, Leicester, Brown University Press.
Some of...
Intertextuality and Influence Sappho
Sappho 's name was an honorific for women writers for generations. George Puttenham may have been the first to use it to compliment a writing woman: in Parthienades, 1579, he said that Queen Elizabeth
Literary responses Queen Elizabeth I
The immense and long-lasting interest aroused by Elizabeth is not, of course, primarily due to her writings, any more than were the adulation paid her during her lifetime, the cult of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen...


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