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Employer Adrienne Rich
AR was a Professor of English and Feminist Studies at Stanford University .
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.
74: 338
Family and Intimate relationships W. H. Auden
Nicholas Jenkins of Stanford University formerly maintained on his website at a section called W. H. Auden. Family Ghosts, designed to show how Auden's family, despite his claims to ordinariness, sprang from a...
Intertextuality and Influence Tillie Olsen
In the early 1950s TO submitted stories, mostly about family life (in such unacceptable manifestations as a husband's death, a woman's desire, a retarded son), to the Ladies' Home Journal, which seems not...
Occupation Eavan Boland
During the 1990s she became a Professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing Program at Stanford University .
Boland, Eavan. “A Boat on a River”. Mslexia, Vol.
, p. 10.
Occupation Denise Levertov
DL held various academic teaching appointments, beginning in 1965 at the City University of New York and at Drew University in New Jersey. In 1966-7 she taught at Vassar . During the 1970s she...
Occupation Tillie Olsen
TO 's award of a creative writing fellowship at Stanford (1 April 1955) opened a new phase of her life, of academic positions in which she was paid to write or teach (or both). Nevertheless...
Reception Marina Warner
Subsequently, Warner has been a Visiting Fellow at the British Film Institute (1992), Trinity College, Cambridge (1998), the Humanities Research Centre, Warwick University (1999), Stanford University (2000), and All Souls College , Oxford (2001). She...
Textual Production Denise Levertov
DL left an extensive archive, the bulk of which is at Stanford University . Other papers are held by such collections as those of the University of Texas at Austin , Washington University at St...
Textual Production Margaret Mead
The lectures, on the topic of sex psychology, were delivered at San Francisco under the combined auspices of Stanford University and the University of California .
University of Alberta Libraries On-line Catalogue.
Textual Production Tillie Olsen
TO made difficulties over the arrangements for transferring her manuscripts to Stanford . She thought the first evaluation of $27,500 too low.
Reid, Panthea. Tillie Olsen: One Woman, Many Riddles. Rutgers University Press.
In the end many of the papers were transferred after she was...


29 November 1969: ARPAnet, the Internet's precursor, established...

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29 November 1969

ARPAnet, the Internet's precursor, established its first link between UCLA and Stanford (after an earlier attempt when the system crashed). By early December it was connecting computers between those two, UC Santa Barbara , and...

1972: E-mail, based on programmes developed by...

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E-mail, based on programmes developed by Ray Tomlinson , was incorporated into ARPAnet. Tomlinson inaugurated the name-and-domain name convention, which, despite contentions, became widely adopted in the eighties as e-mail use proliferated.


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