King Edward III

Standard Name: Edward III, King


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Literary Setting Elizabeth Strutt
ES balances her story of love and adventure with the depiction of everyday life in a Scottish castle, including food, clothing, pastimes, heraldry, and chivalric tournaments,
Stevens, Anne. “Tales of Other Times: A Survey of British Historical Fiction, 1770-1812”. Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text, Vol.
in the reign of Edward III . Her preface...
Publishing Lucy Toulmin Smith
LTS seems to have been an infrequent contributor to periodicals. In January 1892 she published a paper in the English Historical Review entitled English Popular Preaching in the Fourteenth Century. In the article she...
Textual Features Anne Grant
In a passage that deploys all her own high rhetorical ability she seeks to prove that women's ability is normally inferior to men's. Wollstonecraft's book, which is so run after here, that there is no...
Textual Features Radagunda Roberts
Albert. A Legendary Tale has its own illustrated title-page, and a quotation from Edward Young as epigraph.
Roberts, Radagunda. Albert, Edward and Laura, and The Hermit of Priestland: Three Legendary Tales. J. Dodsley.
Roberts, Radagunda. Albert, Edward and Laura, and The Hermit of Priestland: Three Legendary Tales. J. Dodsley.
In it RR nicely evokes the Knights of St John, one of whom is the protagonist here...
Textual Features Jane West
JW 's preface invokes Shakespeare , Virgil , Homer , and Sir Walter Scott (she later adds Thomas Percy ) as more acceptable exemplars for romance than either the French romances (implicitly those of Madeleine de Scudéry
Textual Features Ann Yearsley
The topic of this tragedy—the political resistance of Godwin and his family against the supposedly effete, priest-ridden, and Frenchified government of Edward the Confessor ,
Waldron, Mary. “A Different Kind of Patronage: Ann Yearsley’s Later Friends”. The Age of Johnson, edited by Paul J. Korshin and Jack Lynch, Vol.
, AMS Press, pp. 283-35.
was politically risky in revolutionary times.
Godwin, father of...
Textual Production Grace Aguilar
By 1833 she had also finished the two books which were eventually published in 1908 as Tales from British History, individually titled Macintosh, the Highland Chief, a Tale of the Civil War, and...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
In this extremely well-populated series, this first Plantagenet led a long procession. Its followers were two novels in 1977, The Revolt of the Eaglets, and The Heart of the Lion (about Richard Coeur de Lion


18 January 1341: Queen's College, Oxford, was founded; it...

Building item

18 January 1341

Queen's College , Oxford, was founded; it was originally named Quene Hall.

17 July 1917: George V informed the Privy Council that...

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17 July 1917

George V informed the Privy Council that the royal family (all his subjects descended from Queen Victoria) would take the surname of Windsor.


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