Elizabeth Strutt

Standard Name: Strutt, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Frost
Married Name: Elizabeth Byron
Married Name: Elizabeth Strutt
Pseudonym: A Spinster
Pseudonym: The Author of Six Weeks
Pseudonym: E. S.
As a novelist and travel-writer and in one book of at least semi-feminist debate, ES seems to be addressing women; but when she writes on religion she takes men as her subject. With only one little book of poetry to her name, she scattered her poems, especially sonnets, among her prose works. Her fiction begins in the Romantic era and ends by, apparently, responding to the early novels of Anthony Trollope . Her own early novels tend to exotic or chronologically-distant settings, and are preoccupied with building relationships between different nations or classes; later her central topics are domestic. Ann Taylor Gilbert described her as possessed of various literary ability, and competent to almost all sorts of work.
Gilbert, Ann Taylor. Autobiography and Other Memorials of Mrs. Gilbert. Editor Gilbert, Josiah, H. S. King, http://U of A, HSS Ruth N .
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