King Richard I

Standard Name: Richard I, King
Used Form: Richard the Lion-Hearted
Used Form: Coeur de Lion


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Dedications Eleanor Anne Porden
EAP published her epic poem: Coeur de Lion ; or, The Third Crusade. A Poem, in Sixteen Books, dedicated with permission to George IV .
Quarterly Review. J. Murray.
27 (1822): 271
Education Florence Dixie
Lady Florence was at first educated at home in Scotland. After a first, unsuccessful attempt to place her in a convent she had, in France, an Irish Catholic governess whom she calls Miss O'Leary...
Intertextuality and Influence Eleanor Anne Porden
The poem shows a good sense of history. It defends Richard I against Hume 's condemnation, using a very up-to-date scientific metaphor to express EAP 's opinions about historiography: A blind admiration for the Great...
Literary Setting Elizabeth Helme
Set in the early 1190s, it begins with King Richard I of England fighting the Third Crusade. Its characters therefore run to the exotic: Saracens, slaves, dervishes. The introduction deploys, with much pseudo-scholarly detail, the...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
In this extremely well-populated series, this first Plantagenet led a long procession. Its followers were two novels in 1977, The Revolt of the Eaglets, and The Heart of the Lion (about Richard Coeur de Lion
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ella Baker
Many of the stories cover well-known ground. The Geese of Rome are the ones that saved the Capitol from surprise attack by gabbling; The Noblest of the Romans is Cincinnatus laying down the reins of...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Louisa Stuart Costello
In this work LSC displays meticulous attention to historical detail,
Brothers, Barbara, and Julia Gergits, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 166. Gale Research.
166: 130
discussing figures connected with French history from Richard the Lion-Hearted to Napoleon . A modern critic suggests on the one hand that it...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Norah Lofts
The story concerns Richard I and the Third Crusade. NL carefully enumerates her departures from the historical record (two serious ones apart from some imaginary characters). The incident involving the lute-player of the title, Edward...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Norah Lofts
This novel reveals how, as a historian and a novelist, NL was engaged in the effort to render history, and specifically the history of powerful women, accessible to contemporary readers. Eleanor of Aquitaine is one...


6 July 1189: King Henry II died, and Richard I assumed...

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6 July 1189

King Henry II died, and Richard I assumed the throne of England on 3 September 1189.

July 1190-March 1194: Richard I was absent from England on the...

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July 1190-March 1194

Richard I was absent from England on the Third Crusade, pitted (with other Christian monarchs) against the warrior sultan Saladin .

6 April 1199: Richard I died and King John succeeded to...

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6 April 1199

Richard I died and King John succeeded to the throne.

1 April 1204: Eleanor of Aquitaine, the politically powerful...

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1 April 1204

Eleanor of Aquitaine, the politically powerful mother of the English King John , died.


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