Godwin, Earl of the West Saxons

Standard Name: Godwin,, Earl of the West Saxons


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Textual Features Henrietta Rouviere Mosse
The first volume packs in many historical or semi-historical events. Earl Godwin murders Ethelred 's son Alfred Ætheling at Guildford Castle; Henry I 's only legitimate son and heir dies by drowning in 1120...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Yearsley
The topic of this tragedy—the political resistance of Godwin and his family against the supposedly effete, priest-ridden, and Frenchified government of Edward the Confessor ,
Waldron, Mary. “A Different Kind of Patronage: Ann Yearsley’s Later Friends”. The Age of Johnson, edited by Paul J. Korshin and Jack Lynch, Vol.
, AMS Press, pp. 283-35.
was politically risky in revolutionary times.
Godwin, father of...


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