King William I

Standard Name: William I, King
Used Form: William the Conqueror


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Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Clive
CC 's mother, Anna Maria Meysey , was the only surviving daughter and heiress of Charles Watkins Meysey , whose family descended from the lineage of William the Conqueror . She died in 1836.
Armstrong, Isobel et al., editors. Nineteenth-Century Women Poets. Clarendon Press.
Literary Setting Elizabeth Hervey
This novel concerns the ancient Welsh family of L'Esterling, their family seat, St Siffrid's Castle (with terraced gardens and a church that was once a cathedral, granted to them by William the Conqueror ), and...
Literary Setting Henrietta Rouviere Mosse
The title-page quotes Shakespeare , who is then cited in the preface to justify the genre of historical fiction. HRM mentions her consultations of records and documents, and expresses her thanks to the gentlemen of...
Literary Setting Radagunda Roberts
The action takes place in Edinburgh immediately after the reign of Shakespeare 's Macbeth (whose leading character is, however, seldom mentioned), soon after the conquest of England by William the Conqueror . Malcolm loves and...
Literary Setting Charlotte Yonge
The hero, Richard (ancestor of William the Conqueror ), is eight years old in 943 AD, when his father is murdered and he becomes Duke of Normandy. As he grows up he has to learn...
politics Mary, Lady Chudleigh
When she addresses Queen Anne in poetry, MLC speaks for those Whigs who had allied themselves with the queen and counted on her promise of toleration for Dissenters. She seeks to promote continuity between Anne's...
Textual Features Claire Luckham
Instead, The Choice weaves together two stories: one in which a writer in her late forties recalls growing up with a brother with Down's Syndrome, and the other in which a couple learn that their...
Textual Production Georgette Heyer
GH published a number of biographies, including The Conqueror, 1931 (about William I before 1066), and Royal Escape, 1938 (about the flight of the future Charles II after the Battle of Worcester on...
Textual Production Julia Pardoe
JP 's first novel was the four-volume romance Lord Morcar of Hereward, A Romance of the Times of William the Conqueror, published in 1829. It was followed by Speculation, published by 10 May...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
JP 's Norman trilogy began with The Bastard King, 1974, about William the Conqueror , and also included The Lion of Justice (1975) and The Passionate Enemies (1976).
Plaidy, Jean. Epitaph for Three Women. Putnam.
British Library Catalogue.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Hawkshaw
The sonnets suggest an ecumenical religious attitude, as in the opening to The Druids: Man's heart could listen then, as now, and hear / The voice of God that speaketh evermore.
Hawkshaw, Ann. Sonnets on Anglo—Saxon History. John Chapman.
They also...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Anne Manning
In these medieval stories characters reveal themselves and their motives in speeches or dramatic monologues (a method of history writing—practised from antiquity, and used in English by, for instance, Elizabeth Cary, Lady Falkland —which may...


25 December 1066: William of Normandy assumed the throne of...

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25 December 1066

William of Normandy assumed the throne of England after the death of Edward the Confessor , and after defeating Harold at the Battle of Hastings in Sussex.

1086: William the Conqueror ordered the compilation,...

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William the Conqueror ordered the compilation, for tax purposes, of an unprecedentedly detailed survey of his new lands in England; this inventory was popularly called Domesday Book.

26 September 1087: King William I died, and William II acceded...

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26 September 1087

King William I died, and William II acceded to the throne of England.


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