Edward the Confessor

Standard Name: Edward the Confessor


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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elizabeth Cooper
Her selection runs from Edward the Confessor to Samuel Daniel . (The title-page mentions Gower , Langland, and Chaucer.) For each poet she provides a short biography and a scholarly and critical preface. Her judgements...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Hawkshaw
The sonnets begin with the arrival of human beings on the lands that became Great Britain and wend their way through history, moving through treatments of the English kings including Alfred the Great and Ethelred the Unready
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Hawkshaw
The sonnets suggest an ecumenical religious attitude, as in the opening to The Druids: Man's heart could listen then, as now, and hear / The voice of God that speaketh evermore.
Hawkshaw, Ann. Sonnets on Anglo—Saxon History. John Chapman.
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25 December 1066: William of Normandy assumed the throne of...

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25 December 1066

William of Normandy assumed the throne of England after the death of Edward the Confessor , and after defeating Harold at the Battle of Hastings in Sussex.

Late twelfth century: A nun named Clemence, who identified herself...

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Late twelfth century

A nun named Clemence , who identified herself as living at Barking in Essex, composed an Old French, verselife of St Catherine of Alexandria , taken from an elaborately literary Latin original.


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