Caroline Clive

Standard Name: Clive, Caroline
Birth Name: Caroline Meysey-Wigley
Married Name: Caroline Clive
Nickname: V
Pseudonym: V
Used Form: Mrs Archer Clive
Used Form: Paul Ferrol
Used Form: the author of IX. Poems by V
Used Form: the author of Paul Ferroll
Caroline Clive's writing, though largely obscure today, was celebrated during the mid-nineteenth century. She published four novels and several collections of poetry, and contributed to a number of periodicals. As an initiator of the sensation novel, CC arguably revolutionized the aims and objects of fiction in the latter half of the nineteenth century.
Partridge, Eric Honeywood. “Mrs. Archer Clive”. Literary Sessions, Scholartis Press.


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Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte. A Woman’s Memories of World-Known Men. F. V. White.
I: prelims; II: prelims
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Halsey, Katie. “Tell Me of some Booklings: Mary Russell Mitford’s Female Literary Networks”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 121-36.


March 1848: Chartist uprisings took place in London,...

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March 1848

Chartist uprisings took place in London, Glasgow, and Manchester.


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