Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, third Marquess of Lansdowne

Standard Name: Lansdowne, Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice,,, third Marquess of


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Dedications Frances Browne
FB published her second novel, The Castleford Case, dedicated, like her first, to the Marquess of Lansdowne .
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(8 Jan 1862): 11
Dedications Frances Browne
She dedicated it to the Marquess of Lansdowne to thank him for his gift of £100 in 1852.
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Dedications Caroline Norton
She had discovered the history and memories of the eighteenth-century Count and Countess (comte and comtesse) de La Garaye, and the basis for the frontispiece portrait of the latter and the other illustrations which CN
Friends, Associates Lucie Duff Gordon
Her friends and acquaintances included (besides Caroline Norton , a particularly close friend) politicians Lord Lansdowne and Lord Monteagle ; writers William Thackeray , Charles Dickens , Emily Eden , Elliot Warburton , Alfred Tennyson
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Rigby
While in London, ER renewed old friendships and established new. She socialized with Sir Edwin Henry Landseer , John Wilson Croker , Henry Chorley , Lord Lansdowne , and Anna Jameson (with whom she corresponded)...
Occupation Thomas Moore
TM inaugurated his publishing career with his translation Odes of Anacreon (1800). 1801 saw the appearance of his successful collection The Poetical Works of the Late Thomas Little, under a pseudonym which is also...
Publishing Hester Lynch Piozzi
HLP was a voluminous letter-writer all her life. Though scholarly estimates differ, there is no doubt that thousands of her letters survive. The first selection appeared in print in 1833. Many early editions, however, had...
Wealth and Poverty Frances Browne
She was never well off, though she sought, and was granted, financial patronage from a number of sources. Early in her career Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice , the third marquess of Lansdowne, made Browne a generous payment...


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