Edmund Blunden

Standard Name: Blunden, Edmund


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Intertextuality and Influence Vera Brittain
She originally planned to write a novel based on her wartime experiences, but in November 1929, after having read the war memoirs of Edmund Blunden , Siegfried Sassoon , and Robert Graves , she began...
Literary responses Edith Sitwell
This was praised by British Book News, which rejoiced to find ES 's astonishing verbal dexterity employed in her later work upon themes of ever-increasing profundity . . . . She is a poet...
Literary responses Lady Margaret Sackville
Edmund Blunden 's Times Literary Supplement mentioned a group of thirty-four epitaphs which, he wrote, proved that the epigrammatic style of the Greek Anthology was still alive among us. Several of these poems he found...
Literary responses Mary Leapor
ML was by no means forgotten after her first discovery. She was praised in John Duncombe 's Feminiadand accorded the largest share of space in Poems by Eminent Ladies.William Cowper , who...
Literary responses Gladys Henrietta Schütze
The TLS review (by Sylva Norman , wife of the poet Edmund Blunden ) found here much colour, good humour and variety.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012]. http://www.gale.com/c/the-times-literary-supplement-historical-archive.
2349 (8 February 1947): 76
politics Maude Royden
Even after this, MR remained active in the peace movement until the outbreak of the second world war. During the 1930s she worked perseveringly for peace in Palestine. When Italy invaded and appropriated Abyssinia...
Reception Muriel Spark
MS attended a party at the Ritz given by Carl H. Pforzheimer for people who had written about the Shelleys, where she met Cecil Day Lewis and Edmund Blunden .
Spark, Muriel. Curriculum Vitae: Autobiography. Constable.
Textual Production Vera Brittain
Three of VB 's own poems appeared in the collection, which also included poems by Winifred Holtby , Robert Graves , Edmund Blunden , L. P. Hartley , Roy Campbell , and Louis Golding .
Berry, Paul, and Mark Bostridge. Vera Brittain: A Life. Chatto and Windus.
Textual Production Storm Jameson
SJ published a novel entitled Farewell to Youth, about the First World War.
This was the year of Edmund Blunden 's war memoir and of the first, pre-war volume of Siegfried Sassoon 's...
Textual Production Storm Jameson
SJ edited and wrote in Challenge to Death: A Symposium on War and Peace, an anthology featuring Vera Brittain , Winifred Holtby , Rebecca West , Edmund Blunden , Julian Huxley , J. B. Priestley , and Guy Chapman .
Birkett, Jennifer. Margaret Storm Jameson: A Life. Oxford University Press.
Jameson, Storm, editor. Challenge to Death. Constable.
Jameson, Storm. Journey from the North. Harper and Row.
Textual Production Storm Jameson
Jameson had been approached by the Ministry of Information once the USA had entered World War II, for suggestions on how to cement Anglo-American relations.
Jameson, Storm. Journey from the North. Harper and Row.
The resulting volume includes work by Phyllis Bentley ,...


1922: Edmund Blunden won the Hawthornden Prize...

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Edmund Blunden won the Hawthornden Prize with his poemThe Shepherd (published this year in The Shepherd, and other poems of peace and war.

1928-9: Historian A. J. P. Taylor notes that many...

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Historian A. J. P. Taylor notes that many influential books on the horrors of the First World War appeared during these years.

1928: The poet Edmund Blunden published his memoir...

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The poet Edmund Blunden published his memoirUndertones of War, which, with a number of works issued the following year, have been granted canonical status as imaginative accounts of the First World War.

1929: As well as Richard Aldington's Death of a...

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As well as Richard Aldington 's Death of a Hero, this year saw publication of Erich Maria Remarque 's All Quiet on the Western Front and Robert Graves 's Goodbye to All That.

1968: At the end of Edmund Blunden's tenure of...

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At the end of Edmund Blunden 's tenure of the Professorship of Poetry at Oxford , Roy Fuller was elected to follow him.


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