Julian Huxley

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Family and Intimate relationships Aldous Huxley
His eldest brother, Julian , followed the family tradition in becoming both a scientist and a philosopher.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
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Family and Intimate relationships Elspeth Huxley
In this job she worked closely with Gervas Huxley (cousin of the writer Aldous and the biologist and Julian ), who was head of the Board 's Publicity Committee, and began going out with him...
Friends, Associates Dora Russell
Sylvia Pankhurst enrolled her son as a day-boy at Beacon Hill, and lived nearby while writing The Suffragette Movement; Beatrice and Sidney Webb , and G. B. Shaw also visited. The school hosted annual...
Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
One of Lee's beliefs, pronounced that evening, was: Patriotism . . . is the power to be ashamed of your country.
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Remembering My Good Friends. Jonathan Cape.
MAH credits Lady Ottoline with holding the pacifist movement together; many meetings took...
Friends, Associates Vernon Lee
Back in Italy after the end of the First World War, VL continued to read widely. She returned to Dante , Shakespeare , and Goethe . She introduced herself to newer writings on philosophy, science...
Friends, Associates Naomi Mitchison
Naomi's close childhood friends included Julian and Aldous Huxley . Close family friends included Florence Buchanan , distinguished physiologist, and Marie Stopes , paleobotanist and birth control educator (the latter role emerged only later).
Squier, Susan M., and Naomi Mitchison. “Naomi Mitchison: The Feminist Art of Making Things Difficult”. Solution Three, Feminist Press at The City University of New York, pp. 161-83.
Benton, Jill. Naomi Mitchison: A Biography. Pandora.
Friends, Associates Ruth Pitter
RP knew T. S. Eliot well enough to enjoy a courtly encounter with him at a bus stop, but she felt his great innovations had not necessarily been a good thing for English poetry, and...
Literary responses Aldous Huxley
At its appearance the Times Literary Supplement's review was lukewarm, saying that all the characters speak too clearly with the voice of the author, and that though sometimes an excitement of discovery underlies descriptive...
Literary responses Elspeth Huxley
This book was a great success. It was twice reprinted before the outbreak of the second world war interrupted its career; in 1999 it was issued in Penguin 's Twentieth Century World Classics series. EH
Occupation Marghanita Laski
ML 's high public profile largely resulted from her radio work. One of her earliest wireless programmes, The Brains Trust, first went on air on 1 January 1941. In this highly intelligent quiz series...
politics Dorothy Wellesley
Her fellow signatories included Violet Bonham Carter , Stafford Cripps , archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans , historian H. A. L. Fisher , scientist-philosopher Julian Huxley , sculptor Laura Knight , writers Edith Lyttelton and J. B. Priestley
politics Virginia Woolf
On 10 May Germany had invaded Holland and Belgium. In the event of an invasion of England, they could indeed expect a terrible personal fate, on account of their anti-war politics, Leonard's anti-war career and...
politics Dora Russell
The Council for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (forerunner of CND) was founded. DR was present at its inaugural meeting next day; other prominent members were Vera Brittain , Julian Huxley , J. B. Priestley
Textual Production Sybille Bedford
She had already contributed an article on him to a volume edited by Julian Huxley in 1965: Aldous Huxley, 1894-1963. A Memorial Volume. She later referred to her work on the biography as a...
Textual Production Storm Jameson
SJ edited and wrote in Challenge to Death: A Symposium on War and Peace, an anthology featuring Vera Brittain , Winifred Holtby , Rebecca West , Edmund Blunden , Julian Huxley , J. B. Priestley , and Guy Chapman .
Birkett, Jennifer. Margaret Storm Jameson: A Life. Oxford University Press.
Jameson, Storm, editor. Challenge to Death. Constable.
Jameson, Storm. Journey from the North. Harper and Row.


November 1935: Boriswood Limited was in court again (having...

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November 1935

Boriswood Limited was in court again (having only a year earlier been fined for publication of Boy), this time for publication of a scientific and philosophical study, The Sexual Impulse by Edward Charles .


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