Stephen Gardiner

Standard Name: Gardiner, Stephen


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Basset
Mary Clarcke , still in her very early twenties, was married for the second time, to James Basset or Bassett , a courtier, a religious conservative, and recently secretary to Stephen Gardiner , Roman Catholic...
Family and Intimate relationships Katherine Parr
There had been talk of her marrying Sir Thomas Seymour , brother of Henry's third wife. She has been represented as extremely reluctant to marry the king; but she recognised it as God's will that...
politics Katherine Parr
For women to take it upon themselves to make their own study of Holy Scripture was an act of ideological resistance. The arrest and first trial of Anne Askew in March 1545 turned the Queen's...
politics Katherine Parr
Gardiner 's response was to arrest several of KP 's ladies and to attempt intimidating the queen herself. Questioned about her religion, however, she said demurely that she was a poor ignorant woman and wanted...
politics Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Lady Tyrwhit's fervent Protestantism was, at this date, a highly politicized position. She and her group of court ladies were hounded by highly-placed religious traditionalists, enemies of Katherine Parr , since the queen was well...
Reception Anne Askew
Knowledge of AA 's writing spread rapidly. The reactionary Stephen Gardiner , Bishop of Winchester, complained on 6 June 1547 of the number of copies in circulation.
Beilin, Elaine V., and Anne Askew. “Introduction”. The Examinations of Anne Askew, Oxford University Press.
John Foxe gave it a still wider...
Textual Features Anne Askew
Under interrogation, AA agreed that she had few words, and said God hath geven me the gyfte of knowledge, but not of utterance.
Askew, Anne. The Examinations of Anne Askew. Editor Beilin, Elaine V., Oxford University Press.
Yet her style is confident, sinewy and vividly imagistic. It is...
Textual Production Katherine Parr
KP 's Lamentacion of a Sinner, in manuscript, was brought to the attention of Bishop Gardiner (interrogator of Anne Askew ), who thought it abominable.
Martienssen, Anthony. Queen Katherine Parr. McGraw-Hill.
Textual Production Katherine Parr
This was a subtle, involved, even machiavellian move. The academics had written to her in Latin ostensibly out of respect for her learning; but their Chancellor, Stephen Gardiner , was a leading opponent of studying...


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