Salvation Army


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death Edith Lyttelton
Her memorial service was attended by relations and by prominent members of society, politicians, and representatives from the wide variety of causes she supported, including the Victoria League , the Shakespeare Memorial National Theatre Committee
Employer Una Marson
UM took a secretarial position with the Salvation Army in Kingston, Jamaica. This job initiated her long-term involvement with social work and advocacy for Jamaica's poor.
Jarrett-Macauley, Delia. The Life of Una Marson, 1905-65. Manchester University Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Nina Hamnett
NH 's next brother is several times mentioned in her first memoir. Her sister Helen (never mentioned during their shared youth) later married Augustus Booth-Clibborn (grandson of the founders of the Salvation Army ) and...
Occupation Annie S. Swan
She was able to put her mourning behind her when her husband was elected Mayor of Hertford, and a great deal of support fell to her lot, with some social duties of her own.
Swan, Annie S. My Life. Ivor Nicholson and Watson.
Occupation Mildred Cable
MC and Evangeline and Francesca French rented a flat in Hampstead, to help their missionary work for organisations including the British and Foreign Bible Society , the China Inland Mission , and the Salvation Army .
Platt, William James. Three Women. Hodder & Stoughton.
Performance of text George Bernard Shaw
The Court Theatre presented Major Barbara, a three-act comedy by GBS in which he pits the ethos of the Salvation Army against modern industrialism.
Innes, Christopher, editor. The Cambridge Companion to George Bernard Shaw. Cambridge University Press.
Weintraub, Stanley, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 10. Gale Research.
politics Christabel Pankhurst
CP advocated militancy in the suffrage movement. February 1908 witnessed her Trojan Horse strategy, in which she smuggled suffragettes into the House of Commons in two furniture vans. She also borrowed organisational strategies from William
Textual Features Gillian Slovo
GS includes a map, and reproduces contemporary comments on her historical action, especially from actual columns and letters from The Times and Pall Mall Gazette of 1884-5. Her Gordon, a fanatical martinet who refuses to...
Textual Production Josephine Butler
In 1883 JB published The Salvation Army in Switzerland.
Stuart, James et al. “Preface and Editorial Materials”. Josephine E. Butler: An Autobiographical Memoir, edited by George W. Johnson and Lucy A. Johnson, J. W. Arrowsmith, p. v - vii; various pages.
She also contributed occasionally to Wings, the publication of the Women's Total Abstinence Union . Several of these articles were reprinted in Prophets...
Textual Production Margaret Harkness
MH , as John Law, published Captain Lobe, A Story of the Salvation Army, her third novel. It appeared in serial form in the British Weekly before being published as a volume.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Bellamy, Joyce M., and John Saville, editors. Dictionary of Labour Biography. Macmillan.
viii: 106-7
Textual Production Margaret Harkness
The plot concentrates its action during the period its title specifies: a climactic time of decision in the life of the protagonist, and in history a part of the long-drawn-out agony of Passchendaele, where...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Julia Frankau
A Babe in Bohemia depicts the work of the Salvation Army , with incidents and background which struck reviewers variously as realistic, or vulgar and earthy, or squalid and horrible. The plot builds to a...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Margaret Harkness
A City Girl is an empathetic portrait of the struggle of women to survive financially and sexually in the slums of the East End of London (which form the setting of most of MH 's...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Margaret Harkness
Unlike many socialists, MH saw the Salvation Army in a positive light and greatly admired its practical work in alleviating poverty and helping young women and men living and working away from their homes. Again...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Agnes Maule Machar
The novel is set in the fictional United States mill town of Minton, where the eponymous hero establishes a radical workers' newspaper. The story advocates labour reforms as proposed by the Knights of Labour ...


1864: Evangelists William and Catherine Booth moved...

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Evangelists William and Catherine Booth moved to Mile End Road, London, and founded the East London Revival Society , a precursor to their later Salvation Army .

2 July 1865: William Booth led his first evangelical Christian...

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2 July 1865

William Booth led his first evangelical Christian Mission meeting in London's East End.

1877: Gospel Temperance reached England, brought...

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Gospel Temperance reached England, brought over from the United States to London by William Noble .

1878: Evangelists William and Catherine Booth founded...

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Evangelists William and Catherine Booth founded the Salvation Army ; this was an evolution from their earlier Christian Mission , attempting a more aggressive military-style approach to charity work.

1882: By this date, the Salvation Army was comprised...

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By this date, the Salvation Army was comprised of 15,000 volunteers, organized by nearly 750 paid officers at 521 stations.

1884: The Salvation Army's Women's Social Services...

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The Salvation Army 's Women's Social Services was created in Whitechapel.

6 February 1884: Mother of the Salvation Army Catherine Booth...

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6 February 1884

Mother of the Salvation ArmyCatherine Booth delivered at Exeter Hall a speech, later published as a pamphlet, called The Iniquity of State Regulated Vice.

19 July 1885: A corps of Salvation Army soldiers presented...

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19 July 1885

A corps of Salvation Army soldiers presented to Parliament a petition to raise the age of sexual consent.

By 1 November 1890: William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army,...

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By 1 November 1890

William Booth , founder of the Salvation Army , published In Darkest England, and the Way Out, a call for active Christianity and social reform.

1934: Evangeline Cora Booth, daughter of Salvation...

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Evangeline Cora Booth , daughter of Salvation Army founders Catherine and William Booth , was elected Commander of the Salvation Army worldwide.


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