William Booth

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politics Josephine Butler
In the early months of 1885, Butler had been introduced to reformed prostitute Rebecca Jarrett by Florence Booth , daughter of the Salvation Army founders Catherine and William Booth . JB then introduced her friend...
politics Christabel Pankhurst
CP advocated militancy in the suffrage movement. February 1908 witnessed her Trojan Horse strategy, in which she smuggled suffragettes into the House of Commons in two furniture vans. She also borrowed organisational strategies from William
Publishing Margaret Harkness
It was reissued as In Darkest London in 1891, following the appearance of In Darkest England, 1890, by Salvation Army founder William Booth .
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1859: Evangelist and future Mother of the Salvation...

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Evangelist and future Mother of the Salvation ArmyCatherine Booth published the pamphlet Female Ministry; or, Woman's Right to Preach the Gospel.

1864: Evangelists William and Catherine Booth moved...

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Evangelists William and Catherine Booth moved to Mile End Road, London, and founded the East London Revival Society , a precursor to their later Salvation Army .

2 July 1865: William Booth led his first evangelical Christian...

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2 July 1865

William Booth led his first evangelical Christian Mission meeting in London's East End.

1877: Gospel Temperance reached England, brought...

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Gospel Temperance reached England, brought over from the United States to London by William Noble .

1878: Evangelists William and Catherine Booth founded...

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Evangelists William and Catherine Booth founded the Salvation Army ; this was an evolution from their earlier Christian Mission , attempting a more aggressive military-style approach to charity work.

1884: The Salvation Army's Women's Social Services...

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The Salvation Army 's Women's Social Services was created in Whitechapel.

By 1 November 1890: William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army,...

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By 1 November 1890

William Booth , founder of the Salvation Army , published In Darkest England, and the Way Out, a call for active Christianity and social reform.

1934: Evangeline Cora Booth, daughter of Salvation...

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Evangeline Cora Booth , daughter of Salvation Army founders Catherine and William Booth , was elected Commander of the Salvation Army worldwide.


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