Charles Eliot Norton

Standard Name: Norton, Charles Eliot


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Gaskell
During this visit, Gaskell conducted a mild flirtation with American man of letters Charles Norton .
Uglow, Jennifer S. Elizabeth Gaskell: A Habit of Stories. Faber and Faber.
Friends, Associates Rudyard Kipling
RK liked to build friendships with men of action as well as intellectuals. During his years in Vermont he became a close friend of Theodore Roosevelt (then the Under Secretary of the US Navy) and...
Friends, Associates Flora Shaw
Here she became a friend of novelist and neighbour George Meredith , who introduced her to a wider social circle, including W.T. Stead , the scandalous journalist and editor of the Pall Mall Gazette...
Occupation T. S. Eliot
TSE took leave of absence from his job with Faber and Faber to accept an invitation from Harvard University to hold the Charles Eliot Norton professorship at Harvard for the academic year 1932-33.
Ackroyd, Peter. T.S. Eliot. Hamish Hamilton.
Occupation Elizabeth Siddal
After this show, Siddal's illustration of Scott 's Clerk Saunders was part of an exhibition that toured the United States; beyond these two instances, her work was never exhibited in her lifetime. Charles Eliot Norton
Reception Elizabeth Gaskell
Gaskell wrote to her friend Charles Eliot Norton that this story was an old rubbishy one . . . founded on fact.
Uglow, Jennifer S. Elizabeth Gaskell: A Habit of Stories. Faber and Faber.


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