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Anthologization Zoë Fairbairns
Since then ZF has published stories in such places as Despatches from the Frontiers of the Female Mind, the Women's Press , 1985, edited by Jen Green and Sarah Lefanu .
Fairbairns, Zoë. Closing. Methuen.
Employer Michèle Roberts
MR has supported herself for most of her life at a variety of short-term jobs: as a hospital cleaner, temp secretary, clerk, teacher, journalist, reviewer and critic.
Michèle Roberts. http://www.micheleroberts.co.uk/index.htm.
In 1974 she was poetry editor for Spare...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Waters
As a child SW loved writing poems and stories, all entirely derivative from her reading of popular books like the Dr Who novelizations. In the sixth form at school she began to find the study...
Publishing Alice Walker
She dedicated it (after a little parable about the ideal black man, who perhaps does not exist) to her five brothers, her friend Gloria , and in memory of our father's shining eyes.
Walker, Alice. Good Night, Willie Lee, I’ll See You in the Morning: Poems. Dial Press.
Publishing Sara Maitland
This collection, produced by the feminist collective which its editors had formed, was rejected by both Virago and the Women's Press , was published by Journeyman , and issued in the USA two years later.
Roberts, Michèle. Paper Houses. Virago.
OCLC WorldCat. http://www.oclc.org/firstsearch/content/worldcat/. Accessed 1999.
Publishing Flannery O'Connor
This collection was the first fruits of her life with her mother on the farm Andalusia, narrowed down by the constraints of her illness. Years later she wrote of the delusion that her writing...
Publishing Joan Riley
JR has used this book as the basis for teaching visits to secondary schools, responding to the questions of children who have read it, and engaging in discussion. The Women's Press re-issed it as a...
Publishing Michèle Roberts
But her second novel, then called The Heavenly Twins, was turned down by the Women's Press with a reader's report which complained that it did not, like her first, centre on childhood and the...
Publishing Githa Sowerby
The Play Actors were a London society whose mandate was to encourage new authors, many of them from outside London.
Nicoll, Allardyce. English Drama, 1900-1930. Cambridge University Press.
The play was never taken on by a regular theatre company, or published until...
Textual Production Malorie Blackman
MB succeeded in publishing with the Women's Press her first book, a volume for teenagers entitled Not So Stupid! Incredible Short Stories, which included both science fiction and horror tales.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop. http://Bookshop.Blackwell.co.uk.
Textual Production Virginia Woolf
A selection of Woolf's essays was edited by Michèle Barrett for the Women's Press of London in 1979, and a scholarly, comprehensive edition of her essays by Andrew McNeillie was completed by Stuart N. Clarke
Textual Production Judith Kazantzis
This was hand-set in lead type at Camberwell College of Arts , not without problems, after Cath Jackson , Sheila Shulman , and Lilian Mohin had enrolled there as students on an otherwise all-male two-year...
Textual Production Gillian Slovo
GS moved to the Women's Press for her next two detective novels, Death by Analysis (1 October 1986), which had a new edition in 1997, and Death Comes Staccato (1 September 1987), which was then...
Textual Production Ursula K. Le Guin
UKLG published a book of essays, The Language of the Night: Essays on Fantasy and Science Fiction with Putnam's of New York and the Women's Press of London.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop. http://Bookshop.Blackwell.co.uk.
Levin, Jeffrey H., and Ursula K. Le Guin. “Bibliographic Checklist of the Works of Ursula K. Le Guin”. The Language of the Night, pp. 237-70.
Textual Production Joan Riley
JR 's first novel, The Unbelonging, was published by the Women's Press .
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop. http://Bookshop.Blackwell.co.uk.


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