Gloria Steinem

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Dedications Alice Walker
She dedicated it (after a little parable about the ideal black man, who perhaps does not exist) to her five brothers, her friend Gloria , and in memory of our father's shining eyes.
Walker, Alice. Good Night, Willie Lee, I’ll See You in the Morning: Poems. Dial Press.
Employer Alice Walker
AW took up a job offered by Gloria Steinem on Ms. magazine: her name on the masthead, two days a week at the office, no meetings, and $11,500 a year.
White, Evelyn. Alice Walker. A Life. Norton.
Friends, Associates Alice Walker
This job cemented her friendship with Gloria Steinem . Later, after her divorce, AW and June Jordan started The Sisterhood, a group of black women, artists of one kind of another, who met regularly for...
Intertextuality and Influence Simone de Beauvoir
SB 's many honours during her lifetime included the Sonning Prize for European Culture in 1983, and an honorary doctorate from Cambridge University . There is a Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University in...
Literary responses Germaine Greer
Some critics saw Sex and Destiny as regressive. GG 's unauthorised biographer, Christine Wallace , said that it was widely considered to be second-wave feminism's first big backlash book.
Wallace, Christine. Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew. Richard Cohen Books.
Gloria Steinem found it disappointingly...
Literary responses Tillie Olsen
Ann or Annie Hershey 's film, Tillie Olsen—A Heart in Action, gathers a number of tributes to her and to the lasting effects of her work from her feminist peers, figures like Gloria Steinem
Literary responses Alice Walker
Critic Barbara Smith , who read the book in galley proof, foresaw that it would rock the publishing world. Incest? Lesbianism? Letters to God? In black English? It was from another planet. Without question, it...
Publishing Alice Walker
The germ of this novel lay in a story told to AW by her sister Ruth , probably in 1973, of how their step-grandmother, Rachel Walker , begged her husband 's mistress, Shug Perry ...
Travel Alice Walker
Her travel was funded by a group of black Atlanta church women, including Coretta King . Also attending the festival were Gloria Steinem and Angela Y. Davis . On this occasion Walker also travelled to Russia.
White, Evelyn. Alice Walker. A Life. Norton.
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December 1953: Hugh Hefner launched his magazine Playboy,...

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December 1953

Hugh Hefner launched his magazine Playboy, published in Chicago. The first issue featured a previously unpublished nude photo of Marilyn Monroe .

30 April 1971: A Public Debate on Women's Liberation was...

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30 April 1971

A Public Debate on Women's Liberation was held at the Town Hall, New York, between Norman Mailer on one hand, and on the other Jacqueline Ceballos , Germaine Greer , Jill Johnston , and Diana Trilling .

: The US Democratic Convention, held this year...

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The US Democratic Convention, held this year in Miami, saw the first action by the newly formed National Women's Political Caucus .

28 April 1998: Protests by Gloria Steinem and others marked...

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28 April 1998

Protests by Gloria Steinem and others marked the US opening (in New York) of the film Artemisia, which takes a historical rape and makes it the opening of a love-story.

21 January 2017: The day after the inauguration of Donald...

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21 January 2017

The day after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as President of the USA, a Women's March of over a million people took place in Washington, DC, to register protest against various aspects of...


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