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Anthologization Muriel Spark
MS continued to publish poems in periodicals, and had some chosen for anthologies: A Venture of Poets, Glasgow, 1952, and Images of Tomorrow, edited by John Heath-Stubbs at the SCM Press , 1953.
Rees, David. Muriel Spark, William Trevor, Ian McEwan, A Bibliography of their First Editions. Colophon Press.
Textual Production Monica Furlong
MF published with the SCMPressAct of Synod—Act of Folly?, a strong statement about the way the Church of England was handling the incorporation of women priests.
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Furlong, Monica. Act of Synod—Act of Folly?. SCM Press, 1998.
Morgan, Kathleen. “’The Holiness of the Heart’s Affections’: Poetry of Anne Ridler”. Christian Themes in Contemporary Poets, SCM Press, 1965, pp. 144-53.