Student Christian Movement


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Textual Production Mildred Cable
The first was published by the press of London University and the second by that of the Student Christian Movement .
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Monica Furlong
MF published with the SCMPressAct of Synod—Act of Folly?, a strong statement about the way the Church of England was handling the incorporation of women priests.
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1889: The Student Christian Movement (still active...

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The Student Christian Movement (still active in the twenty-first century with its centre now in Birmingham, and called on its website the oldest student Christian Network in the UK) was founded. Its initial...

1932: The Student Christian Movement decided that...

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The Student Christian Movement decided that masturbation caused no physical or mental harm. It began to issue advice on this basis to young people seeking help.

Circa 1973: Mosside Press (also called Moss Side), which...

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Circa 1973

Mosside Press (also called Moss Side), which had been founded in Manchester in the late 1960s by the Student Christian Movement , became a woman-run press after all the men left.


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