John Heath-Stubbs

Standard Name: Heath-Stubbs, John


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Anthologization Muriel Spark
MS continued to publish poems in periodicals, and had some chosen for anthologies: A Venture of Poets, Glasgow, 1952, and Images of Tomorrow, edited by John Heath-Stubbs at the SCM Press , 1953.
Rees, David. Muriel Spark, William Trevor, Ian McEwan, A Bibliography of their First Editions. Colophon Press.
Education Philip Larkin
In October 1940 he went up to St John's College, Oxford . He studied English language and literature, and took a first-class Honours BA in 1943. Important friendships formed in his undergraduate days were those...
Friends, Associates Muriel Spark
For the next few years she lived the stimulating, bohemian, often harsh life of a modern poet in London, though she despised those literary circles which she felt to be self-serving and amateurish. Although she...
Occupation Muriel Spark
She later recounted the ructions that cost her her Poetry Society job. She set out to raise the quality of the Poetry Review, to cease railing against the moderns,
Spark, Muriel. Curriculum Vitae: Autobiography. Constable.
to render an amateur...
Textual Features Anne Stevenson
Despite the strong emotion expressed in some of these poems, AS later remembered the volume as setting free her gift for irony.
Stevenson, Anne. Between the Iceberg and the Ship. University of Michigan Press.
The final poem, A Legacy, On my Fiftieth Birthday, is written...


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