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Education Roger Fry
At Cambridge, Fry became friends with Thoby Stephen , Clive Bell , and Leonard Woolf ; he later joined them and others as an original member of the Bloomsbury Group .
Education Virginia Woolf
Nevertheless, Virginia continued to feel her educational isolation, especially after her brother Thoby had gone up to Cambridge. Theres nothing like talk as an educator I'm sure, she wrote to him.
Lee, Hermione. Virginia Woolf. Chatto and Windus.
In handwriting Woolf...
Family and Intimate relationships Virginia Woolf
Leonard Woolf was a close Cambridge friend of Virginia's brother Thoby Stephen and a member of the Apostles . A Jew, with family roots in London and Amsterdam, he grew up in London, first...
Friends, Associates Dorothy Brett
Brett moved in various distinct social circles. Augustus John was an admired acquaintance. Virginia Woolf , a friend, nevertheless commented in 1921 on Brett being one of the entourage of Lady Ottoline Morrell , and...
Friends, Associates Aldous Huxley
Those friends of Aldous whom his wife Maria referred to as the brilliant ones,
Bedford, Sybille. Aldous Huxley. Knopf; Harper & Row.
and found intimidatingly intellectual, included T. S. Eliot , Osbert , Edith , and Sacheverell Sitwell , various members...
Friends, Associates Ling Shuhua
The group's founders emphasised exchanges between Asian and British literary cultures; they named it after Rabindrath Tagore 's prose-poem collection The Crescent Moon (1903), after they brought Tagore to Beijing via the Society for Lectures on the New Learning
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Thoby Stephen , VW 's brother, started Thursday Evenings at 46 Gordon Square, mainly so that he could keep in touch with his Cambridge University friends. These gatherings marked the beginning of what came...
Leisure and Society Leonora Carrington
As she had in Paris, LC produced new writing and visual art. She and Ernst also decorated walls, cupboard doors, and other spaces with paintings, carvings, and sculptures that produced a singular aesthetic for their...
Literary responses Arnold Bennett
AB 's reviews, combined with his visibly privileged lifestyle, did not help his reputation among younger writers (such as those in the Bloomsbury Group ) as a wealthy snob or a philistine. Wyndham Lewis attacked...
Occupation Nina Hamnett
NH recounts how, feeling brave one morning, she entered the post-impressionist Omega Workshops , and asked to see Mr. [Roger] Fry. This charming man with grey hair told her, on her request for work...
Author summary Ling Shuhua
A writer and visual artist active primarily between the 1920s and 1950s, LS published short stories, essays, translations, and a memoir whose reception was shaped by frequently restrictive expectations for women writers of her time...


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