August Detlof Peters

Standard Name: Peters, August Detlof
Used Form: A. D. Peters


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Friends, Associates Phyllis Bentley
PB attended a deliciously literary
Bentley, Phyllis. "O Dreams, O Destinations". Gollancz.
dinner party at J. B. Priestley 's Hampstead home, where she met Thornton Wilder , George Doran and A. D. Peters (who was soon to become her literary agent).
Bentley, Phyllis. "O Dreams, O Destinations". Gollancz.
Literary responses Ann Bridge
AB 's US agent, A. D. Peters , read this book with dismay, seeing it as anti-American. Sure enough, it was turned down by the Atlantic Monthly Press as being full of British anti-American cracks...
Material Conditions of Writing Elizabeth Jane Howard
She took four years to write this novel, working with a new agent, A. D. Peters . Having before this written fast and easily, she now reduced her speed to a crawl, with constant rewriting...
Occupation Elizabeth Jane Howard
In 1958, the Day-Lewis affair having put an end to her Chatto and Windus job, EJH worked briefly as a fiction editor for Weidenfeld and Nicolson . She gave up this job when her agent,...
Textual Production Evelyn Waugh
This chapter went to his typist and went to his agent (A. D. Peters ), but seems to have gone no further. The typescript was discovered among his papers years later. It draws both...


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