Anti-Suffrage League


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Friends, Associates Freya Stark
Through her association with Jeyes, FS met such literary figures as H. G. Wells and W. B. Yeats . She also campaigned for the Anti-Suffrage League and met key figures in the group, including its...
Occupation Mary Augusta Ward
MAW broke with Somerville College after forming the Anti-Suffrage League .
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press.
65, 416
politics John Oliver Hobbes
Critic John Sutherland says that in later life JOH was a member of the Anti-Suffrage League .
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
While neither Margaret Maison nor Mildred Davis Harding confirm this, they both quote from a letter she wrote...
politics Violet Hunt
Some of the WSPU 's meetings and parties were held at Hunt's home, South Lodge in Kensington. In her memoir she gleefully recalls introducing Christabel Pankhurst to Mrs Humphry Ward , author and vocal...
Textual Features Mona Caird
MC seeks here to cushion the blow of writing against the WSPU by the utmost use of tact. She opens by expressing the warmest admiration of the great courage and devotion, of the tact and...
Textual Production Mary Augusta Ward
MAW , having recently founded the Anti-Suffrage League , launched the Anti-Suffrage Review.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press.


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