Margaret Maison

Standard Name: Maison, Margaret


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Family and Intimate relationships John Oliver Hobbes
Pearl was taken seriously ill on their honeymoon to Cannes. On the journey back to England she had to be carried on a litter. She was lame and on crutches for a time, and...
Family and Intimate relationships John Oliver Hobbes
JOH had a number of intimate relationships with men, including Lord Robert Crewe and George Nathaniel Curzon , whose name was linked with hers before his marriage in 1895, and again in the very few...
Literary responses John Oliver Hobbes
More recently, Margaret Maison characterised The School For Saints as a strange mixture of Disraeli , Hardy , Ouida , and Meredith . . . and there are even echoes of the old bigamy novels...
politics John Oliver Hobbes
Critic John Sutherland says that in later life JOH was a member of the Anti-Suffrage League .
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
While neither Margaret Maison nor Mildred Davis Harding confirm this, they both quote from a letter she wrote...
Publishing John Oliver Hobbes
The next few years saw further novels by Hobbes, alongside drama and non-fictional works. In 1901 she published a novel entitled The Serious Wooing: A Heart's History, and in 1902 another, Love and the...
Reception John Oliver Hobbes
Despite this assessment, and despite JOH 's own belief that her writing was in advance of her times, she is presently in literary limbo, out of print and with little recent critical work apart from...
Textual Production John Oliver Hobbes
The New York Times was fairly positive about JOH 's next novel, The Herb Moon, 1896, stating in a brief review: In rustic style Mr. John Oliver Hobbes tells a clever story, where good...
Textual Production Emma Jane Worboise
Margaret Maison , a scholar of Victorian religious fiction, argues that Worboise participated in the rise of sensationalism in evangelical fiction, and that in her later years she worked against the essential rules for healthful...


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