Mildred Davis Harding

Standard Name: Harding, Mildred Davis


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Cultural formation John Oliver Hobbes
Before this she had worshipped, like her parents, at the City Temple , a leading Nonconformist church.
Swan, Annie S. The Letters of Annie S. Swan. Editor Nicoll, Mildred Robertson, Hodder and Stoughton.
Swan, Annie S. My Life. Ivor Nicholson and Watson.
The conversion surprised her friends and family, and her mother was particularly upset and hostile. Hobbes...
death John Oliver Hobbes
She had left her parents' home on the Isle of Wight the day before, having spent three energetic days there, and her father later wrote that on leaving she gave no indication of illness or...
Family and Intimate relationships John Oliver Hobbes
JOH had a number of intimate relationships with men, including Lord Robert Crewe and George Nathaniel Curzon , whose name was linked with hers before his marriage in 1895, and again in the very few...
Health John Oliver Hobbes
At some point during their marriage, JOH discovered that Reginald had syphilis, and that he had given at least a mild form of it to her. Mildred Davis Harding notes that it is unclear when...
politics John Oliver Hobbes
Critic John Sutherland says that in later life JOH was a member of the Anti-Suffrage League .
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
While neither Margaret Maison nor Mildred Davis Harding confirm this, they both quote from a letter she wrote...
Reception John Oliver Hobbes
Despite this assessment, and despite JOH 's own belief that her writing was in advance of her times, she is presently in literary limbo, out of print and with little recent critical work apart from...
Violence John Oliver Hobbes
Laura Richards apparently had a very difficult relationship with her daughters. A woman friend who observed the eight-year-old Pearl being impudent to her mother wrote: I was not pleased—but laughed inside. She is such a...


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