Jacques-Pierre Brissot

Standard Name: Brissot, Jacques-Pierre
Used Form: Brissot de Warville
Used Form: Jacques Brissot


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Friends, Associates Catharine Macaulay
Friends she acquired at about this time included her new husband's sister, Elizabeth Arnold (who fought the slanders after CM 's death by testifying to her irreproachable conduct in traditional female roles, and her Christian...
Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
In Paris HMW frequented Mme Roland 's salon, and she and Stone became close friends of Roland and her husband . Those who visited HMW early in her time in Paris included Mary Wollstonecraft (who...
Intertextuality and Influence Catharine Macaulay
The intellectual influence of CM 's History was particularly important for the generation of American patriots who shaped the United States.
Hill, Bridget. The Republican Virago: The Life and Times of Catharine Macaulay, Historian. Clarendon Press, 1992.
It was also felt to be relevant in pre-revolutionary France, particularly...
politics Charlotte Smith
It was on 2 November that she sought to intervene in the course of French politics by writing to Joel Barlow , probably hoping through him to influence Jacques-Pierre Brissot and the Girondins .
Fletcher, Loraine. Charlotte Smith: A Critical Biography. Macmillan, 1998.


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