Charlotte Corday d'Armont

Standard Name: Corday d'Armont, Charlotte
Used Form: Marie-Charlotte de Corday d'Armont
Used Form: Charlotte de Cordet


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Friends, Associates Grace Elliott
A room-mate of GE 's in prison was the eighty-year-old physician, philosophe, and atheist Richard Gem .
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Elliott, Grace. Journal of My Life during the French Revolution. Rodale Press.
She mentions such non-upper-class victims as the elderly couple who used to run a puppet-show, and who...
Textual Features Amy Levy
In this, an early example of the New Woman novel, the orphaned sisters, left poor by their father's extravagance, set out to support themselves by running their own firm; in the end, however, they get...
Textual Production Marjorie Bowen
MB , as Joseph Shearing, published her biographical study of Charlotte Corday (murderer of the revolutionary Marat ), The Angel of the Assassination.
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153: 42
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1741 (13 June 1935): 382
Textual Production Helen Craik
HC , identifying herself as the Author of Henry of Northumberland, published a novel of more recent history, Adelaide de Narbonne, with Memoirs of Charlotte de Cordet . A Tale.
McLeod, Deborah. The Minerva Press. University of Alberta.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marjorie Bowen
In order to present a balanced view of the events around the murder of Marat , MB adds to the two famous characters—Marat, the most pitiless seeker-out of counter-revolutionaries for the guillotine, and Corday ...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The Doll's Tragedy, 1896, anatomises the marriage of an elderly don to a pretty but unintelligent girl: it ends in his suicide and her madness. As the Heart Knoweth (written in 1895, possibly published...


13 July 1793: Charlotte Corday, a Royalist from Normandy,...

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13 July 1793

Charlotte Corday , a Royalist from Normandy, assassinated Marat as he lay in his bath.


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