Jean-Paul Marat

Standard Name: Marat, Jean-Paul


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Characters Patricia Wentworth
PW 's heroine is Aline de Rochambeau, a beautiful and innocent young aristocrat fresh from her convent education. She is loved, pursued, and married by Danjean, a sympathetic revolutionary, even though a disciple of the...
Literary Setting Helen Craik
HC 's portrayal of Corday (an attempt to rehabilitate her both personally and politically, as good woman and good citizen) is very interesting, and as Craciun observes, the friendship between the two women emerges as...
Literary Setting Mary Robinson
This blends gender politics with national politics, but emphasises the former. Its heroine, Martha Bradford, dark, tough, witty, and affectionate, enacts accented versions of some of MR 's experiences. Her father prefers her fair, compliant...
Material Conditions of Writing Laura Riding
She wrote this while her husband was working on a biography of Marat , and dedicated it to him by his initials, L. G., even though by the time it came out (under the...
Textual Features Mary Robinson
As well as MR 's account of her life, designed to mark her out as a romantic heroine and victim (and not immune from exaggeration and unreliability), this publication includes much of her other literary...
Textual Production Marjorie Bowen
MB , as Joseph Shearing, published her biographical study of Charlotte Corday (murderer of the revolutionary Marat ), The Angel of the Assassination.
Johnson, George M., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 153. Gale Research.
153: 42
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
1741 (13 June 1935): 382
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marjorie Bowen
In order to present a balanced view of the events around the murder of Marat , MB adds to the two famous characters—Marat, the most pitiless seeker-out of counter-revolutionaries for the guillotine, and Corday ...


13 July 1793: Charlotte Corday, a Royalist from Normandy,...

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13 July 1793

Charlotte Corday , a Royalist from Normandy, assassinated Marat as he lay in his bath.


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