Julia O'Faolain

Standard Name: O'Faolain, Julia
Birth Name: Anna Julia O'Faolain
Nickname: Julie
Married Name: Julia Martines
Used Form: Julia Ó Faoláin
Used Form: Julia O Faolain
JOF , twentieth- and twenty-first-century Irish novelist and short-story writer, has also published translation, memoir, and women's history, and has written an afterword to the memoirs of her writer father. Her fiction deals with the confrontation or the blurring of different cultures (most commonly involving Irish culture, but sometimes Italian) and of competing political visions, with memory and forgetting, and with idealistic violence and terrorism. She herself says her topics include politics, fairness, bullying, Church tyranny and those who opposed it.
O’Faolain, Julia. Trespassers, A Memoir. Faber and Faber.


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Literary responses Maureen Duffy
Julia O'Faolain in the Observer found MDdazzling with period speech.
Duffy, Maureen. Capital. Methuen.
Literary responses Jennifer Johnston
Patricia Craig in the New Statesman identified the novel's theme as illusions produced by men in the interests of power and praised its telling as by turns inspiriting, illuminating and attractively strange.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Julia O'Faolain 's...
Literary responses Alice Munro
Irish writer Julia O'Faolain in the New York Times Book Review captured the flavour of Munro's writing as she perceived in this exhilarating volume a kaleidoscope of lights and depths which reflects, with conscious artistry,...


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1 January 1916

The British edition of Vogue (an American fashion magazine) began publishing from Condé Nast in Hanover Square, London.

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1 November 1954

A war of rebellion began in Algeria against France, the colonial power.

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By mid-October 1983

Ursula Owen , editor of Virago Press , published with them an anthology of essays: Fathers: Reflections by Daughters.


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