Summerhill School


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Family and Intimate relationships Henry Handel Richardson
Ettie was at first fiercely jealous of her sister, Ada Lillian Lindesay Richardson (called Lillian or Lil), to the extent of biting her when they were little and later writing demeaning descriptions of Lil's prettiness...
Family and Intimate relationships Henry Handel Richardson
HHR 's sister, Lillian , was caught in England, without her German husband, by the first world war, when German people were subject to patriotic abuse. She took to calling herself Mrs Lindesay, and became...
Friends, Associates Willa Muir
While teaching at Gipsy Hill, Willa Anderson became a friend of educationist A. S. Neill (later the founder of Summerhill School ).
Occupation Dora Russell
The Russells based their programme on emerging theories of child education and development. They were partly influenced by recent psychologists (including Freud and Piaget ), and by such educationalists as Margaret McMillan and A. S. Neill
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ethel Mannin
This book features an introduction written by A. S. Neill (founder of the experimental and school Summerhill , to which Mannin sent her own daughter) and discusses his ideas in detail.


Autumn 1924: Educator A. S. Neill, who had been running...

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Autumn 1924

Educator A. S. Neill , who had been running a progressive school at Hellerau in Germany, then in Austria, opened a school of the same kind called Summerhill (from the name of the...


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