Henry Handel Richardson

Standard Name: Richardson, Henry Handel
Birth Name: Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson
Nickname: Et
Nickname: Ettie
Married Name: Ethel Florence Lindesay Robertson
Pseudonym: Henry Handel Richardson
In a publishing career that began in 1895 and first registered with the public in 1908, expatriate Australian HHR produced six novels (three of which make up an epic trilogy), a collection of short stories, and an enigmatic volume of memoirs. Her literary forebears were more continental European than either English or Australian, and her intellectualism and experimentalism produced a mixed reception, but her reputation as one of the important writers of the earlier twentieth century now seems secure.


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Family and Intimate relationships Iris Murdoch
IM 's mother, Irene Alice (Richardson) Murdoch , was known as Rene, pronounced reeny. The Richardson family had produced two women writers, Frances Elizabeth (Richardson) Fisher , who was a published poet, and...
Friends, Associates Christina Stead
Their friends—more Americans than French—included editor Samuel Putnam , remittance man Eric Townsend , and novelist Louis Guilloux . Paris was a haven of the literary, the convivial, and the anti-prudish. In London in the...
Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Clive
Despite the universal opinion that the sequel was decidedly weaker than the original, it nevertheless did well enough to go into several editions. The Saturday Review noted that it was a book which, even if...
Literary responses Ethel Mannin
Henry Handel Richardson , who was given a copy of Green Figs (perhaps by Mannin, perhaps by her sister , who had Mannin's daughter in her school) thought it the most dreadful piffle. Richardson was...
Literary responses Christina Stead
The prize was worth $10,000.
Rowley, Hazel. Christina Stead: A Biography. Secker and Warburg.
The Council minutes described CS as a person who had not lived in Australia for forty years and whose Australian citizenship was in doubt. Nor was her contribution to...
Residence Christabel Pankhurst
Her audience included Henry Handel Richardson and her sister (later Lillian Neill ). In this first month of world war, Pankhurst urged women to set aside the suffrage struggle for the national good, and the...


Autumn 1924: Educator A. S. Neill, who had been running...

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Autumn 1924

Educator A. S. Neill , who had been running a progressive school at Hellerau in Germany, then in Austria, opened a school of the same kind called Summerhill (from the name of the...

10 December 1973: Australian Patrick White was awarded the...

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10 December 1973

Australian Patrick White was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. The citation said he had introduced a new continent into literature. He was unable for health reasons to travel to Stockholm, and his acceptance...

May 1978: Virago Press issued its first Virago Modern...

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May 1978

Virago Press issued its first Virago Modern Classics, a historically important series most though not all of which were novels.


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