Lillian Neill

Standard Name: Neill, Lillian


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Family and Intimate relationships Henry Handel Richardson
Ettie was at first fiercely jealous of her sister, Ada Lillian Lindesay Richardson (called Lillian or Lil), to the extent of biting her when they were little and later writing demeaning descriptions of Lil's prettiness...
Family and Intimate relationships Henry Handel Richardson
HHR 's sister, Lillian , was caught in England, without her German husband, by the first world war, when German people were subject to patriotic abuse. She took to calling herself Mrs Lindesay, and became...
Literary responses Ethel Mannin
Henry Handel Richardson , who was given a copy of Green Figs (perhaps by Mannin, perhaps by her sister , who had Mannin's daughter in her school) thought it the most dreadful piffle. Richardson was...
politics Henry Handel Richardson
HHR began subscribing to the periodical Votes for Women (the journal of the Women's Social and Political Union ) in 1909 (two years after it was launched), and to The Suffragette in 1912. Her interest...
Residence Christabel Pankhurst
Her audience included Henry Handel Richardson and her sister (later Lillian Neill ). In this first month of world war, Pankhurst urged women to set aside the suffrage struggle for the national good, and the...
Residence Henry Handel Richardson
HHR 's mother set sail with her elder and younger daughter from Melbourne, Australia, for London. Her chief aim was to further a musical career for Ethel.
Ackland, Michael. Henry Handel Richardson: A Life. Cambridge University Press.
xvi, 75
Travel Henry Handel Richardson
HHR set sail with her husband , sister , and brother-in-law (who dropped out of the trip early) for a visit back from England to Australia. Part of her object was research for her Australian historical trilogy.
Ackland, Michael. Henry Handel Richardson: A Life. Cambridge University Press.


Autumn 1924: Educator A. S. Neill, who had been running...

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Autumn 1924

Educator A. S. Neill , who had been running a progressive school at Hellerau in Germany, then in Austria, opened a school of the same kind called Summerhill (from the name of the...


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