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Intertextuality and Influence Mary Elizabeth Braddon
John Cordy Jeaffreson led off his Athenæum review with the usual protest against the puffery of an instantaneous second edition and advertisements. He pronounced this the worst of MEB 's novels to date.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1908 (1864): 703
Occupation Harriett Jay
HJ made her London debut the next month, on 22 December, in Buchanan's The Nine Days Queen. In this too she took on the lead role (this time as Lady Jane Grey ). Her...
Occupation Helen Taylor
F. A. Hayek speculates that she played a small role in Wilkie Collins ' The Red Vial on its opening night at the Olympic Theatre in October 1858.
Hayek, Friedrich Augustus von et al. John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor; Their Correspondence [i.e. Friendship] and Subsequent Marriage. University of Chicago Press.
Performance of text Wilkie Collins
Collins wrote his own dramatic version</TGENRE> of this novel, which played for four months from May this year at the Olympic Theatre , earning him six hundred pounds.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
27695 (21 May 1873): 14
Lycett, Andrew. “Collins the campaigner”. The Author, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 20-1.
Performance of text Harriett Jay
The first production of Charles Marlowe's (HJ 's) and Robert Buchanan 's co-written melodrama The Mariners Of England opened at the Olympic Theatre . Like most of their plays, it did very well.
“Index”. Times, No. 35147, p. 11.
35147 (10 March 1897): 11
Regan, Patrick. “Theatre Reviews”. Robert Williams Buchanan (1841-1901).
Reception Wilkie Collins
The popularity of The Woman in White prompted many stage adaptations. (Collins's version ran at the Olympic Theatre , Wych Street, London, where his earlier plays The Lighthouse, The Red Vial, and...
Textual Production Harriett Jay
The novel met with great and instantaneous success,
Jay, Harriett. Robert Buchanan. AMS.
though it was frequently assumed to be the work of Charles Reade . A New York edition appeared that same year, and successive British editions followed...


6 December 1830: Lucia Vestris became the first long-term...

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6 December 1830

Lucia Vestris became the first long-term female theatre manager of the century, when she reopened the Olympic Theatre .

3 January 1831: London Society was introduced to the management...

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3 January 1831

London Society was introduced to the management of Lucia Vestris at the Olympic Theatre with the opening of Olympic Revels; or, Prometheus and Pandora.

27 May 1863: Tom Taylor's play The Ticket-of-Leave Man...

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27 May 1863

Tom Taylor 's playThe Ticket-of-Leave Man opened at the Olympic Theatre .


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