Tom Taylor

Standard Name: Taylor, Tom


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Friends, Associates Jane Welsh Carlyle
JWC criticized the party, which was also attended by Elizabeth Gaskell , William Thackeray , and Tom Taylor .
Surtees, Virginia. Jane Welsh Carlyle. Michael Russell.
Around this time JWC also met Frédéric François Chopin , who played her piano, and Caroline Norton .
Surtees, Virginia. Jane Welsh Carlyle. Michael Russell.
Friends, Associates Lucie Duff Gordon
Her friends and acquaintances included (besides Caroline Norton , a particularly close friend) politicians Lord Lansdowne and Lord Monteagle ; writers William Thackeray , Charles Dickens , Emily Eden , Elliot Warburton , Alfred Tennyson
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Elizabeth Braddon
John Cordy Jeaffreson led off his Athenæum review with the usual protest against the puffery of an instantaneous second edition and advertisements. He pronounced this the worst of MEB 's novels to date.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1908 (1864): 703
Intertextuality and Influence John Oliver Hobbes
Pearl Richards (later JOH ) read widely as a child and adolescent, and her parents' liberal views (and considerable fortune) meant that she could pursue her tastes in both the lending libraries and the less...
Occupation Harriett Jay
Her performance in Tom Taylor 's Jacobite romance Clancarty at Madison Square Theatre , New York, in November 1884 drew moderate praise from the New York Times, which criticized her diction but approved...
Publishing Jane Loudon
She had not been in her position long, though, when Evans made her two successive disturbing visits. On the first he told her that her journal's circulation figures were disappointing, and that she would be...


27 May 1863: Tom Taylor's play The Ticket-of-Leave Man...

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27 May 1863

Tom Taylor 's playThe Ticket-of-Leave Man opened at the Olympic Theatre .


Leslie, Charles Robert, and Tom Taylor. Life and Times of Sir Joshua Reynolds. J. Murray, 1865.
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