Arthur Hugh Clough

Standard Name: Clough, Arthur Hugh


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Family and Intimate relationships Florence Nightingale
In 1860 FN began her correspondence with Benjamin Jowett , who was introduced to her by Arthur Hugh Clough . They finally met in 1862, and remained dear friends, confidants, and companions in social reform...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Augusta Ward
MAW 's father, Thomas Arnold , was the second son and namesake of the eminent Victorian headmaster Thomas Arnold. Matthew Arnold was his elder brother.
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press.
Prodigally gifted,
Sutherland, John. Mrs. Humphry Ward. Clarendon Press.
Thomas Arnold lived a life...
Family and Intimate relationships Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Her first cousins included Florence Nightingale , Hilary Bonham-Carter , and the future Mrs Arthur CloughArthur Hugh Clough . Because of their illegitimate origins, however, the Smith children were not acknowledged by the Nightingales, and BLSB only...
Friends, Associates Geraldine Jewsbury
GJ 's later social circle included many writers: Sydney, Lady Morgan , who became a close friend and for whom GJ acted as amanuensis; author Lady Llanover ; author and publisher Douglas Jerrold ; and...
Friends, Associates Florence Nightingale
Health Florence Nightingale
She was still ill when she returned to London in November; there she wrote several letters intended to be read after her death, and made arrangements with Arthur Hugh Clough for her funeral. The next...
Intertextuality and Influence Florence Nightingale
She began making notes towards this book in 1850 while in touring Egypt, but did no concentrated work on a first draft until October 1851. With encouragement from Arthur Hugh Clough , she completed the...
Intertextuality and Influence Matilda Hays
Woven into the novel is considerable commentary on the art, music, and literary productions of the day. Quotations are given from or allusions made to a wide range of authors including Tennyson , Longfellow (used...
Occupation Florence Nightingale
Arthur Hugh Clough saw her off on her mission, which turned out to last for twenty-one months. The events surrounding her departure are bathed in myth; as Mary Poovey suggests, they supported her mystical election...
Textual Features Sarah Stickney Ellis
In a poem that can be seen as belonging to the emerging genre of the verse novel, SSE takes up the question of the role of poetry in industrialised society, in conjunction with the theme...
Textual Production Marie Belloc Lowndes
MBL 's Bread of Deceit, published by November 1925, features murder in particularly horrifying circumsances: a husband is getting rid of one wife with the intention of marrying another, who is none other than...


December 1848: Arthur Hugh Clough published The Bothie of...

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December 1848

Arthur Hugh Clough published The Bothie of Tober-na-Fuosich, later reprinted as The Bothie of Tober-na Vuolich.

1849: J. A. Froude, writing as Zeta published his...

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J. A. Froude , writing as Zeta published his novelThe Nemesis of Faith.

21 March 1853: The thirty-year-old Matthew Arnold addressed...

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21 March 1853

The thirty-year-old Matthew Arnold addressed to Arthur Hugh Clough a classically misogynist letterabout women writers, their works and their looks.

February-May 1858: Arthur Hugh Clough's epistolary poem Amours...

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February-May 1858

Arthur Hugh Clough 's epistolary poemAmours de Voyage was published in the Atlantic Monthly.

November 1860: Thomas Hill Green became one of the first...

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November 1860

Thomas Hill Green became one of the first laymen to hold a fellowship at Balliol College .

By 26 July 1862: Arthur Hugh Clough's Poems, 1862 were published...

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By 26 July 1862

Arthur Hugh Clough 's Poems, 1862 were published posthumously.


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