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Literary responses Catherine Hutton
CH carefully preserved reviews of her work, and transcribed the comments of friends(among papers now in the National Library of Wales ). Two friends who concurred in finding the novel engrossing also identified its author...
Publishing Lady Eleanor Butler
Sarah Ponsonby bequeathed the journals to Caroline Hamilton , and Harriet Pigott therefore supposed that they were written by Ponsonby .
Butler, Lady Eleanor et al. “Foreword and Editorial Materials”. The Hamwood Papers of the Ladies of Llangollen and Caroline Hamilton, edited by Eva Mary Bell, Macmillan, p. vii - viii; various pages.
They have been published in several selections: by Mrs G. H. [Eva Mary] Bell
Reception Felicia Hemans
A stained-glass window was erected by subscription in honour of FH in 1865 at St Ann's Church, Dublin, where she is buried. A Felicia Hemans poetry prize is awarded annually for the best lyrical...
Textual Production Isabella Banks
Needlework patterns were also a significant aspect of IB 's publishing career. Using her skill in the design of embroidery and knitting, she published a new pattern every month for over fifty years. Eventually she...
Textual Production Hélène Barcynska
The National Library of Wales holds a collection of HB 's letters.
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online.
Textual Production Eva Mary Bell
Some of her correspondence and a diary running from January to December 1936 survive in the archive of Hamilton of Hamwood in the National Library of Ireland .
This archive includes papers of Mary Tighe
Textual Production Henrietta Maria Bowdler
Some of HMB 's letters survive in the National Library of Wales .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Textual Production Lady Eleanor Butler
LEB and Sarah Ponsonby wrote some of their voluminous correspondence jointly. Writing was one of their major pleasures; they selected paper with loving care, and kept an equally careful tally of replies received and of...
Textual Production Gillian Clarke
GC followed Five Fields in 2000 by both Nine Green Gardens and Owain Glyn Dwr (the last-named published by the National Library of Wales ).
Gillian Clarke.
Textual Production Frances Power Cobbe
The Women's Library holds papers of FPC including contributions to several archives of letters. Particularly interesting is a scrapbook of cuttings, cartoons, etc. (mostly on the suffrage struggle, dating from 1893-1913). Cobbe gave this volume...
Textual Production Margiad Evans
Most of her manuscripts (a sizeable collection) are in the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth. Her letters to Bryher , with their enclosures—drawings, the Irish journal, a manuscript of A Ray of Darkness...
Textual Production Ann Hatton
A manuscript of 1818, probably in AH 's handwriting and now in the National Library of Wales , identifies characters in the novel as actual, traceable individuals, many of them connected with the coal trade...
Textual Production Katherine Philips
Of two poems which may be KP 's earliest, one is signed C. Fowler, and could therefore have been written by her mother (if it was before the latter's second marriage). The other survives...
Textual Production Katherine Philips
KP and her circle had no objection to appearing in print as well as circulating in manuscript, as witness the Cartwright volume and the inclusion of several in Henry Lawes , Second Book of Airs...
Textual Production Katherine Philips
KP left many surviving manuscripts, now in the National Library of Wales and a number of other research libraries. She is the only woman included in part two of the Index of English Literary Manuscripts...


Early 1806: Only a few months after the death of Welsh-language...

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Early 1806

Only a few months after the death of Welsh-language hymn-writer Ann Griffiths , about two-thirds of her surviving hymns reached print (along with others by different authors) at Bala in Merionethshire, entitled Casgliad o...

16 December 1911: The Copyright Act received the Royal Assent;...

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16 December 1911

The Copyright Act received the Royal Assent; it came into effect on 1 July 1912.

15 July 1916: King George V opened the National Library...

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15 July 1916

King George V opened the National Library of Wales at its new site overlooking Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay.

1921: Professor Mary Williams (1883-1977) of the...

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Professor Mary Williams (1883-1977) of the University College of Swansea (now Swansea University) became Professor of French: the first woman in the UK to be appointed to a University Chair.
“About Us: History”. Swansea University.


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