Ann Hatton

Standard Name: Hatton, Ann
Birth Name: Ann Julia Kemble
Married Name: Ann Julia Curtis
Married Name: Ann Hatton
Pseudonym: Ann of Swansea
Besides her poems and opera librettos dating from the late eighteenth century, AH published with the Minerva Press fourteen novels or romances as Ann (or Anne) of Swansea, beginning in 1810. A highly intelligent though not particularly literary or highbrow writer, she reflects in turn almost every style of the period: settings historical and modern, in Wales, Scotland, the Lake District, and Ireland, besides Italy and Germany; historical romance, modern satire, and the emerging silver fork novel. Her theatrical heritage may have helped to produce her fine ear for dialogue.


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Family and Intimate relationships Adelaide Kemble
Of her paternal aunts, Sarah Siddons was immeasurably the most famous actress of her generation in Britain and Elizabeth Whitelock achieved some theatrical success in the USA, while Ann Hatton , the youngest and the...
Family and Intimate relationships Fanny Kemble
Another, the black sheep of the Kemble family, became the novelist Ann Hatton or Ann of Swansea. Ann accepted expulsion from London in order to receive an annuity from her family after a number...


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