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Cultural formation Dorothy Boulger
Born to an English propertied family that in her generation was part of the British colonial administrative class, DB incorporated her experiences in South America into some of her later writing. She was or became...
Education Marina Warner
Here, she learned the practices of examining her conscience and meditating on holy pictures, which have been significant in her life ever since.
Williams, Elaine. Marina Warner. Editor Griffiths, Sian, Manchester University Press, pp. 259-67.
At both her convent schools devotion to the Virgin Mary was...
Occupation John Henry Newman
JHN 's service as a priest and then as Cardinal lasted more than twice as long as his years as an Anglican vicar. He retained his mental capabilities until his death. Very late in life...
Occupation Emily Hickey
During the years following 1901, EH served as secretary and editor for the Catholic Truth Society .
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 199. Gale Research.
199: 171
Textual Features Mary Howitt
Its contents, most or all previously published in annuals and periodicals, include ballads in various styles. The Lady Magdalene exemplifies the medieval and nostalgic: Lady Magdalene, a child, remains sole survivor except for one or...
Textual Production Emily Hickey
In 1895 EH contributed a preface to a new edition of Roden Noel 's Livingstone in Africa (a poem originally published in 1874). In 1901 she collaborated with John Addington Symonds in a privately printed...
Textual Production Edith Mary Moore
The Bodleian Library , which catalogues The Defeat of Woman as by Mary Moore, also ascribes to the same name a leaflet about the nature of genius entitled Round Puts in Round Holes...
Textual Production Sally Purcell
Ten years later she published with the Catholic Truth Society a little devotional book entitled Through Lent with Blessed Ramón Lull (a thirteenth-century Spanish scholar and theologian, also known to English-speakers as Raymond Lully ).
Textual Production Dorothy Boulger
DB wrote for the Catholic Truth Society a story entitled Nettie's Baby, which was printed with her usual pseudonym, Theo Gift, in a 32-page pamphlet along with material not by her.
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Mary Angela Dickens
Taylor worked as a nurse alongside Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War before converting to Catholicism and establishing her Congregation . She published a novel about historical persecution of English Catholics as well as an...


1893: Josephine Ward, a Roman Catholic who later...

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Josephine Ward , a Roman Catholic who later became a novelist, published through the Catholic Truth Society 's The Catholic's Penny Library series her first book, a biography of Saint Anselm.


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